Stanford Crowdsourced Democracy Team


Online Deliberation Platform

Online Deliberation Platform is a video discussion platform for groups of 8-15 people. The platform is designed to facilitate a structured and equitable conversation with better opportunity for participants to speak up. The platform is under active development, and has recently been successfully deployed as a prototype in Japan, Hong Kong, and at Stanford with 15 parallel groups each. It is developed by the Stanford Crowdsourced Democracy Team in collaboration with the Center for Deliberative Democracy.

Participatory Budgeting Platform

Stanford Participatory Budgeting Platform allows cities, municipalities, states and foundations and other organizations to run a participatory budgeting (PB) election in which people can vote on the budget. The project is open-source and free. The platform has been used in many cities in the United States, such as Chicago, Seattle, Boston, and New York City.

ASSU Budget Visualization

The Stanford Crowdsourced Democracy Team has been collaborating with the Associated Students of Stanford University (ASSU), the general student body at Stanford, to design and build a new user interface for the budgeting elections, in which students voted to fund various student groups and activities. The new user interface included an interactive visualization that let students view the requested amounts of funding for each group and how their votes would affect their tuition.


Synapp is a project focused on connecting communities through collaboration and decision-making. It's premise is that one can facilitate large-scale deliberation through simple and intelligently chosen tasks. For an example of crowdsourcing laws using Synapp, see our article on Finland's off-road traffic law.